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"Our House" was awarded at the 33rd theatre meeting "Westwind"!

In June "Our House" was invited to "Westwind" festival, the theatre meeting for young audiences in the State of Northrhine-Westfalia (NRW). The co-production of HELIOS Theater and Ishyo Arts Centre was chosen to be presented there as one of 10 performances with a big impact for TYA in NRW. The festival is an important platform for the exchange between theatre artists working for children and young people.

At the end of the festival, there was a big and wonderful surprise for the Rwandan-German ensemble: "Our House" was awarded by the professional jury! The laudatio reads:

"How can the unspeakable, the painful be put in words? The team behind “Our House” places the metaphor of the house at the beginning and in the centre of all stories. This is as simple as it is captivating. The way the hand movements of the performers from Rwanda and Germany interlock and complement each other and the way they are, in their consistency, renegotiated again and again as the players build a house on the stage is reflected in their stories and memories. They tell stories of houses from Rwanda, Burundi, Kazakhstan and Germany. The stories of those houses and their inhabitants are, at the same time, lived history. The structure of the play resembles a game set-up that keeps changing its rules and takes pleasure in questioning them. Is this my story or yours? How do memories change in the moment when I share them with another person, who then creates links to his or her own memories and connotations? The production excels through its formal consistency, its rich imagery, and last but not least its performers who make the courageous decision to reveal something about themselves, thus opening up to each other and to the audience - entirely without any pathos or pointing fingers. Thus, space is created for exchange and encounters. A society that doesn’t want to shut others out, that considers contrasts and changes to be a chance needs projects such as this."

The prize money of 10.000 € was donated by the Ministry for Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and split equally into three prizes for three productions. 

More information about "Our House" can be found here.
The official website of WESTWIND:

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"Our House" at ASSITEJ World Congress in Cape Town!

"Our House", the co-production of HELIOS Theatre and Ishyo Arts Centre, was invited to the ASSITEJ World Congress in South Africa!

From 17th-27th May 2017, the 19th Congress "Cradle of Creativity" took place in Cape Town. It was the first time ever for the ASSITEJ World Congress to be held on the African continent.

The theatre festival presented outstanding theatre productions for children and young people to the audiences of South Africa and theatre makers from all over the world. And "Our House" was a part! It was a great honour for everybody involved!

The realization of the invitation was possible thanks to the support of the Goethe Institute Johannesburg, which covered the costs.

More information about "Our House" can be found here.

The official website of the World Congress:

"Our House" was funded by the TURN Fund of the German Federal Cultural Foundation.