with Laurent Dupont



  Tuesday       23th May, 2-5:30 pm

+ Wednesday 24th May, 2-5:30 pm

Helios Theatre

 in English


Laurent Dupont plans to share the issues inherent in his approach to theatre work for young children through practical exercises and discussions. Time, space, the scenic elements as parts of the narrative. The proximity of performance styles, the resonance of the performer, the unique breath of the performance –  anything that challenges the senses.

Collectively reaching an understanding about a fragile or delicate, a visionary or risky idea – about the approaches shaped by each individual and their subjectivity – about the conditions governing actions in resonance with a poetic design – setting out on uncharted paths, discovering others and their diversity out there, along the way.

What inspires children is no different from what appeals to adults: an enigmatic, subversive art that deliberately plays with our senses, in a fun and less rational way, with the aim of rattling our minds more fully.

The workshop is aimed at all theatre professionals. Register at 02381/ 926837 or


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