Why Build Networks?

An ASSITEJ Workspace for Theatre Makers


Where does the impulse to set up a network come from? Who is involved and why? What are the goals? How does the exchange become – and remain – dynamic? How can networks truly succeed?

In our ASSITEJ workshop, experts will talk about successful networks: how they have developed and nurtured them, what structures they have identified, what problems they have faced and what solutions they have developed. 


an impulse by Roberto Frabetti (La Baracca)

and the experts 

Sina Schneller – Cheers for Fears, Network of Young Performing Artists in NRW

Gabi dan Droste & Layla Raña Kanacri – Young Dance Network of ASSITEJ International

Michelle Guerra Adame – Vincular, Latin American Network in the Theatre for Early Years


Together with the experts, the participants will reflect on their own experiences and questions. They can also bring along and present ideas, requirements and approaches for new networks!

Presenters: Georg Kentrup (Consol Theater) and Barbara Kölling (HELIOS Theater)


Fri, 11.06., 12:00-4:00 pm

in English


More information on the presenters can be found here:

Programme ASSITEJ Workspace (ca. 1 MB)

A documentation of the ASITEJ Workspace is online here:

Documentation ASSITEJ Workspace (ca. 1 MB)