Kolibri Theatre
Budapest (HU)

for everybody 4+

Germany premiere

How wonderful it is to create and to receive sounds! Every living thing produces a sound – singing, squeaking, laughing, stomping, rustling. Now it is our turn to make music together!  The play is built up of sounds, colors and images. The SoundBird and the Storyteller invites the young audience to be part of the soundscape.

Duration: ca. 35 minutes/no spoken language


Plays at:

Tuesday, 23th May 9:30 am + 11 am in Hamm HELIOS Theater

Kolibri Theatre

The Kolibri Children's and Youth Theatre was founded in 1992 by its artistic director, composer and theatre director János Novák. The repertoire ranges from performances for the very youngest to shows for teenagers and adults. 


Play: Melinda Megyes
Dramaturg and co-director: Attila Eck
Designer: Klaudia Orosz
Writer/Director: János Novák

funded by: