La Bastide-Clairence (Frankreich)   

for everybody 2+

Germany premiere

We all are still building ourselves, we are building our life every moment, we want to grow, to rise higher, taller, but too high makes us dizzy. On the stage there is a body-voice, there is wood, iron, skin, stone and water. There is a ladder, uprights and rungs. A melody arise.

Duration: ca. 30 minutes/no spoken language


     Plays at: 

Thursday,     25th May 9:30 am + 11:15 am  in Bergkamen studiotheater

 Friday,        26th May 9 am + 11 am            in Ahlen Juk-Haus

 Sunday,       28th May 11 am + 4 pm            in Hamm HELIOS Theater


The music theatre LagunArte was founded in 2001 by the singer and percussionist Kristof Hiriart. His musical influences range from traditional sounds to improvised music. LagunArte likes to observe people and their daily ritual practices.


Director, stage design, play: Kristof Hiriart
Outside perspective: Maryline Pruvost, Jérémie Ternoy
Lighting: Antoine Decembri