Binta's Inner Room

De Binnenkamer van Binta

Laika / Aminata Demba
Borgerhout (Belgium)

for everbody 11+

Nine-year-old Binta is a tough and resourceful girl. Today, the children’s home where she lives is open to visitors. She is waiting impatiently for her mother to arrive. Together with her friend Juri, Binta talks about life in the children’s home, about missing her family and friends, about strength and friendship. Aminata Demba engages her audience using music, wit and slapstick to explore an important issue with sensitivity and humour.

Duration: ca. 70 minutes  /  Dutch with German subtitles

Laika / Aminata Demba

Laika was founded in 1991 under the name “Blaue Vier”. Interdisciplinary artists work together on expressive productions that engage all the senses. Today, Laika is internationally renowned and has long-standing collaborations with theatres in other countries. Jo Roets and Peter De Bie are joint artistic directors.


Concept and Cast: Aminata Demba
Concept and Script: Hanneke Paauwe
Direction: Jo Roets
Music: Sam Gysel
Dramaturgy: Mieke Versyp
Sensory advice: Peter De Bie
Choreography: Iris Bouche
Set: Studio Kuurjeus