The Girl in the Pink Frock


Katkatha Puppet Arts Trust 
New Delhi (India)

for everyone 11+

“We set out to find ‘the bad’. We are heroes!” This is how the five-year old girl explains the great journey her family embarked on during the first lockdown in India. Suddenly unemployed, thousands of people set out on foot on the long journey from the big cities to their home villages. With paper figures, drawings and atmospheric music, Anurupa Roy narrates this lockdown work from the fictional perspective of a real girl who had put on her best dress for the long journey.

Katkatha Puppet Arts Trust

Kat is a word in Hindi that means “wood”. Kathputli – the puppet show. Katha means “story”. So: puppets and stories. In 1998, Katkatha Puppet Arts Trust was founded by a group of like-minded puppeteers, including Anurupa Roy. The ensemble focuses on storytelling with objects, figures and puppets. Building on intensive work in the social space in Delhi, Katkatha Puppet Arts Trust gives workshops all over India and tours internationally with its productions.


A Film by: Anurupa Roy
Story: Aditi Mediratta
Editing: Dr. Atul Sinha