Luminance and Rust

Time Travelling the Trail of Metal
for everyone aged 8+

In “Luminance and Rust” HELIOS Theatre investigates the wonderful, miraculous inventions that were facilitated by the discovery of metal: gold is glittering irresistibly, rusty oil barrels evolve into railroad engines and symbolize the joy of mobility and full speed. But “Luminance and Rust” also shows the destroying power of metal: a warlord rattles his saber commanding an army of iron figures to war. Tiny little figures are shaken by iron bullets raining down on them like bombs.

The production follows the development of metal from Bronze Age to the industrial era and points out how ambivalently people used and use the material. The production presents sounds and images to construction and destruction, luxury and exploitation, progress and greed.

Luminance and Rust” invites young people from 8 years+ to an adventurous journey into the world of metals!

Premiere: 5. Oktober 2012



Production: Barbara Kölling and Team
Scenography: Michael Lurse, Peter Ketturkat and Team
Music: Roman D. Metzner and Team
Performance: Lisa Maria Heigl, Roman D. Metzner, Michael Lurse
Photos: Walter G. Breuer


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