Who Awoke the Wind

Music theatre for everbody 5+


The wind is gone! It has stopped blowing. Nothing moves, the clouds are standing still. The animals decide to search for the wind - everybody together, the frog leads the way. The spider is the only one who goes on her own way. After a long and dangerous trip across the ocean, she finds the wind and wakes it up. The wind is back! The other animals will praise her for her deed! On her way home, the spider meets the fly who wants to know everything. When the spider returns back home, she understands why...

With puppets and compositions for clarinet, percussion and voice, three musicians and two puppeteers tell the Latvian myth. It gives poetic explanations for phenomena: What is the wind? What if it would stop blowing? Why did the spider start weaving webs?

In improvisations and compositions, Maika Küster (voice), Maryanne Piper (clarinet) and Dominik Hahn (percussion) created a contemporary music. Bahar Sadafi and Michael Lurse play the big ensemble of animal puppets by Lisa Schnee with quick changes of characters and great virtuosity.


Premiere: 30th September 2018, HELIOS Theater


Puppetry: Bahar Sadafi, Michael Lurse
Music: Maika Küster, Dominik Hahn, Maryanne Piper
Production: Barbara Kölling and Team

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