Co production with Théâtre Jeune Public, Strasbourg/F

from 2 years upwards

It might be as big as a tree or as small as a tiny splinter. It might be furniture or paper – wood surrounds us every day.

A percussionist and a puppeteer take their audience on a fascinating journey into wooden pictures and the sound of wood. They create figures and creatures, objects and tools and find out what wood can become in surprisingly new ways.


Direction: Barbara Kölling
Performance: Michael Lurse
Percussion: Marko Werner
Theatre Pedagogy: Matthias Damberg
Photos: Walter G. Breuer

Press comments

The sound of wood
Not only the scenery caused enthusiasm, but also the wood figures created by Michael Lurse, which again and again suddenly emerged from the wood chips and disappeared again. There were wooden figures that looked like animals. They looked for a play fellow, hopped around, made merry sounds or balanced on the tree disks. By the figures Lurse represented not only feelings, but produced also them in the small spectators. The children were all absorbed by each balancing act, were frightened when the wooden logs fell down or were pleased about the funny invitations.
Apart from the visual aspects however the performance was a special sound experience. Lurse and his colleague, the Percussionist Andrés Cabrera took children as well as adults to a world of the wooden sounds: The wood whined, wood logs were struck together, the wood chips rustled and the figures cleared their ways with knocking and hammering through the wooden landscape.
…A piece of rumpled paper fluttered in the wind and small wood logs became towers. Al-ready the walk to the seats obtained first impressions with a small avenue of trees.
…With “WOODBEAT” under the direction of Barbara Kölling the HELIOS Theater shows an-other wonderful performance for the very young. It is part of the county wide project “theatre from the beginning” and was developed in co-operation with the Théâtre Jeune Public from Strasbourg. Already in the rehearsal process kindergarten groups were involved in the so called "experimentation fields".
And the premiere of “WOODBEAT” shows that this concept worked perfectly.
Westfälischer Anzeiger, Hamm, February 25th, 2008

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Stage Size: 10 m x 10 m
3 m
Assembly time: 
3 hours
1 hours
 30 Min.
Maximum 60 people
Maximum 2 performances a day.
Break between two performances at least 60 minutes

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