Dreams Dreams

for everybody 3 years+

The dreamer dreams dreams: she is a butterfly. The butterfly dreams dreams: it is the dreamer. A lady, a bench, a mysterious bag. The old woman sits down on a bench. She starts dreaming of a life in dance, joy, happiness, a butterfly… The images keep dancing in the minds of the audience members, even after the woman is long gone.

Dance & Play: Cornelia Böhnisch, Myrto Dimitriado
Music & Composition: Herbert Pascher
Cello: Andrea Muscas
Stage & Costumes: Sigrid Wurzinger
Light design: Arian Andiel
Choreography: Cornelia Böhnisch
Technics: Robert Schmidjell
Direction: the production team
Idea: Sigrid Wurzinger

More information at: www.toihaus.at