Secret Gardens

for everybody 4 years+

Soil and seeds, the chirping of crickets, the twittering of birds, and the rustle of rain – a garden! Through the seasons, we follow the growing of the garden on stage. Sounds and music, fragments of words and movement, painting and video projections tell about the struggles and the great joy of life.

Production: Laurent Dupont
Composition: Léo Paoletti
Décor: Eleonora Ribis
Poetry: Céline Bellanger
Play: Léo Paoletti, Laurent Dupont
Pictures: Léo Paoletti
Scenery: Patricia Lacoulonche
Lightning: Bernard Beau

On Thursday, 7th June at 7:00 pm, Laurent Dupont and Joël Simon will exchange about the theatre for the very young. Both of them have been active in this theatre form for many years.

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