The Skyblue Chairs

for everybody 5 years+

It is the "blue hour" in the forest. The sounds of the night disappear, suddenly it is quiet, then the sounds of the day come. A girl and a boy wake up and suddenly remember that they have not found their place in the world yet… A playful, philosophic journey into the "World of Chairs" evolves – a world of bright and dark, quiet and loud, big and small, dreamy and rude, sad and funny, gray and colorful, lonely and common...

Direction: Kraut Hills
Choreography: Christine Marneffe
Dramaturgical Cooperation: Bronwyn Tweddle
Play: Marlis Hirche, Oliver Dassing
Live-Music: Martin Krause, Kraut Hills
Costume: Marlis Hirche, Adelheid Wieser
Stage: Kraut Hills, Oliver Dassing
Technique: Marcus Dassing                                       

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