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"hellwach" – theatre for everybody!

"hellwach", the 8th international theatre festival "hellwach" took place from June 3rd-10th, 2018. In six towns of the Hellweg region, seven companies from Europe, Asia and Africa presented extraordinary productions for children, young people and adults, starting from the very young.

The HELIOS Theater in the Kulturbahnhof Hamm was the festival centre: a place for the exchange between the international artists and the audience. In addition to the performances, talks were held that gave background to the shows and dealt with questions of a modern, international theatre for young audiences, including the very young, in India, South Africa and Europe.

The programme is still online here: enjoy browsing through the "hellwach" pages!

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New production in the making: music theatre for children

Outside the HELIOS Theater, you could hear sounds and voices of a new music being created inside in May: HELIOS Theater had started the first rehearsal period for a new production. The ensemble of three musicians and two puppeteers, directed by Barbara Kölling, is working on a music theatre production for everbody 5+. "Who Awoke the Wind" is the title of the play that is based on a Latvian myth. With puppets and compositions for clarinet, percussion and voice, the performers tell the story of the wind who disappeared and the little, inconsiderable animal who found it again and woke it up. The premiere will be in September.

the new project is founded by:

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"Face to Face"

The latest production of HELIOS Theater, "Face to Face", premiered in September 2017. The play is a co-operation with visual artist Alexandra Dementieva (Brussels/New York). She has worked together with HELIOS in 2011 before. For "Face to Face", the ensemble has developed a rhythmic play with video installations and humorous texts for everybody 4 years +.

At "hellwach", the English version of the performance will be presented in Hamm.

Further information about "Face to Face" can be found here.

The play is a production in the EU-funded project small size – wide eyes. It was presented at the project's final event in Galway, Ireland in February and at Visioni festival in Bologna in March.