Performance Days

Wed, 06.11.11:00 amBetween the ChairsHamm (DE)
Thu, 07.11.11:00 amBetween the ChairsHamm (DE)
 07:00 pmBetween the ChairsHamm (DE)
Fri, 08.11.11:00 amBetween the ChairsHamm (DE)
Tue, 12.11.11:00 amWho Awoke the WindHamm (DE)
Wed, 13.11.11:00 am Who Awoke the WindHamm (DE)
Thu, 14.11.11:00 amWho Awoke the WindHamm (DE)
    Kulturrucksack project  
Sat, 16.11.03:00 pmWe are outside!Hamm (DE)
Thu, 21.11.10:00 am TRACESHamm (DE)
Fri, 22.11.10:00 am TRACESHamm (DE)
Sun, 24.11.16:00 am TRACESHamm (DE)
Tue, 26.11.09:30 am Who Awoke the WindVelbert (DE)
11:00 am Who Awoke the WindVelbert (DE)
Wed, 27.11.10:00 am Who Awoke the WindVelbert (DE)
  europefiction group 
Thu, 28.11.07:00 pm Stay Together!Hamm (DE)
Fri, 29.11.11:00 am Stay Together!Hamm (DE)
On Tour
Liège (BE)
Fri, 01.11.11:00 am
Between the Chairs
Wed, 06.11.11:00 am
Thu, 07.11.11:00 am
 07:00 pm
Fri, 08.11.11:00 am
Who Awoke the Wind
Tue, 12.11.11:00 am
Wed, 13.11.11:00 am
Thu, 14.11.11:00 am
Kulturrucksack project
We are outside!
Sat, 16.11.03:00 pm
Thu, 21.11.10:00 am
Fri, 22.11.10:00 am
Sun, 24.11.04:00 pm
On Tour
Who Awoke the Wind
Velbert (DE)
Tue, 26.11.09:30 am
11:00 am
Wed, 27.11.10:30 am
europefiction group
Stay Together!
Thu, 28.11.07:00 pm
Fri, 29.11.11:00 am