for children aged 2 years +


The circle of life, the circle of friends, the circle of family, the surroundings. The course of the seasons. The planetary system… Everything is running in circles. Everything has a sound.
A stone is swinging over a blue surface. A planet above the water? The earth in the universe? A pendulum? The course of time? Or just a swinging stone?
A bucket is swinging and loosing sand. It moves in circles and paints a spiral on the blue ground. Animals appear, people are joining in, a world evolves, stories begin…

A meditation on the big questions for 60 spectators, two performers, a stone, a bucket of sand, lots of puppets and music.

Premiere: Tuesday, 3rd July 2018


Play: Michael Lurse
Co-Play: Jan Leschinski
Mise-en-Scene: Michael Lurse
Composition: Jan Leschinski, Michael Lurse
Puppets: Team

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