About Sound for everybody 3+: Früh Stück

A new production for everybody 3+ has been created: Früh Stück is about listening. Together with the audience, the performers Minju Kim and Michael Lurse discover the world of sound. In a landscape with a miniature railroad train, they invite the spectators to a "breakfast" for all senses. In 2022, The production was already invited to several international festivals. More information about "Früh Stück" can be found here.


PREMIERE: "Pigs Will Fly"

We opened the new season with a new production: Pigs Will Fly for everybody 9+. We celebrated the premiere on Saturday, 3rd September at 7 pm.

The play is all about truth and lying: from the charming exaggeration up to dangerous fake news, three performers examine lies and lying, unwrap them, make them big, illuminate them from every corner.

More information about the play can be found here. All performance dates can be found here.

"Friedl Dicker" - for young people 14+

In June 2022, Friedl Dicker was presented at "Westwind", the theatre meeting for young audiences NRW, as one of ten outstanding productions from NRW. The new production for young people 14+ explores the life of Friedl Dicker. In the 1920s, many things were possible: after World War I, Europe was on the move, a variety of art movements emerged, women fought for their rights, democracies were established. Friedl Dicker wanted to create, to become an artist. The play tells her story - of the famous Bauhaus and resistance, of being a woman and an artist, of teaching art to the children in the KZ Theresienstadt.

All performance dates can be found here. More information about the production can be found here.

Theatre Award of the Federal Republic

In 2019, HELIOS Theater has received the Theatre Award of the Federal Republic of Germany. The jury installed by the federal cultural minister Monika Grütters pays tribute to eleven small and medium-sized theatres throughout Germany for outstanding activities, both in their artistic programme and in their local, regional and international cultural projects. We are very proud and happy about this important award!

International Exchange

europefiction Academy - International Project

The europefiction Academy has started: a project between ten theatres for young audiences from six European countries. Tpgether, they develop concepts for the artistic work with young people which will be published in 2023. Currently, HELIOS Theater works together with La Transplanisphère from Paris and ExQuorum fro Evora (Portugal) on a digital workshop for youngsters from different countries, continents and time zones. More information can be found here.


hellwach digital: International Theatre Festival

From June 9-13, the HELIOS Theater and five towns of the Hellweg region presented the international theatre festival for young audiences, hellwach digital. The festival was a great success! It offered a programme for families, kindergartens, schools, and professional visitors and invited everybody to watch, enjoy, reflect, exchange and get creative themselves.The full programme can still be found on the hellwach pages. The talks in the international exchange programme are still online and can be watched on youtube.

MAPPING - A Big International Research Project!

Since 2006, HELIOS Theater has been an active partner in the EU-funded „small size“ projects. The projects were dedicated to the international exchange about and development of performing art for audiences aged 0 to 6.

In 2018, the European Union accepted a new project: 19 theatres and festivals from 17 different countries are part of "MAPPING". The focus is set on artistic exchange and scientific research about several theatrical means of expression in the theatre for the very young. We are thrilled to be a part of this project! You can find more information about "MAPPING" and our work for the very young here and on the project's website www.mapping-project.eu.

Intensive Exchange with Artists in India, Nigeria and South Africa

The special approach in the theatre for the very young that director Barbara Kölling and puppeteer Michael Lurse have developed since 2005 has received a lot of interest around the world. In 2015, Barbara Kölling started giving international mentoring workshops for professional artists about the theatre for the very young with materials.

Theatre makers from India, South Africa and Nigeria have initiated intensive mentoring programmes, such as Magnet Theatre (Cape Town) and Katkatha Puppet Arts Trust (India). From these programmes, about 20 theatre pieces for children aged 2+ have evolved. They are artistically dealing with materials like paper, clay, wool, stones, wood and plastic in a wide variety of ways. The performances are playing in their respective cities, are invited to festivals and tour internationally. For the HELIOS Theater, these workshops mean an intensive and fruitful exchange with theatre artists from India and African countries and their artistic approaches. You can read more about the mentoring projects here.

Co-Production with Katkatha Puppet Arts Trust from Delhi (India)

In 2020, a co-production of a common play together with Katkatha Puppet Arts Trust from Delhi (India) was planned. Instead, the two ensembles of HELIOS Theater and Katkatha found a different form of working together: They created two plays for children in India and Germany, in close digital exchange with each other. For HELIOS Theater, this was the performance Curtain Up!.

The ensemble of Katkatha Puppet Arts Trust created the fairytale The Monster of Tilapur, first as a digital live performance, with cameras and paper miniatures. It premiered online in September 2020.


Book: "About the Work of HELIOS Theater"

To the 25th anniversary of the founding of HELIOS Theaters, a book on the history and work of the company was published in 2014. The book is a collection of thoughts by current and former members of the ensemble photos and interviews, thoughts on the concept, detailed examinations of the productions for the Very Young. Publisher is "Kunststiftung NRW", an important foundation for the arts in Northrhine Westfalia, which celebtrated its 25th anniversary in the same year. The book can be ordered in the theatre office of HELIOS Theater.


Film: „Woolgathering“

The short documentary follows the ensemble of HELIOS Theater in its research on the material wool. It develops its own, videographic view on the material. The focus is not on the making of the production, but rather on the relation between material, artists and audience. In the making of the production "Follow the Yarn" for everybody 2+, the HELIOS ensemble was accompanied by two young film makers of Ruhruniversität Bochum: Stoyan Radoslavov and Damian W. Gorczany.

You can order the film in the theatre office.