The Elephant in the Dark House

a persian story by Dschalaleddin Rumi

for everybody 6+


What is an elephant? In the old story by Rumi a king poses this question to five scholars. No one can answer it correctly because each of them only sees a part of the whole.

In "The Elephant in the Dark House" director Barbara Kölling and actors Bahar Sadafi and Mamadoo Mehrnejad tell the story of a village community that falls into pieces. One house is too loud, the other too silent, the third is too dirty, the fourth too angular, the fifth is not german enough. The villagers can not find common ground. There is either dispute - or dead silence. 

One day an old lady, who has not been seen in a long time, leaves her house - and asks the villagers: "What is an elephant?" They all make fun of her question - and again start arguing about which part of an elephant is the best and most important...

The story is told by theatrical performance and shadow play. Bahar Sadafi and Mamadoo Mehrnejad portray the different characters humorously and precisely. Using multiple canvasses, they let colourful objects dance, which associatively construct images of houses and people. Will all the pieces of the elephant come together?


Premiere: Sunday, 8th March 2020, 4pm


Performance: Bahar Sadafi, Mamadoo Mehrnejad
Direction: Barbara Kölling
Set Design: Michael Lurse, Barbara Kölling
Music: Jan Leschinski
Tech: Jan Leschinski
Assistance: Annika Böbel, Milea Kerckhoff


Bahar Sadafi

born 1986 in Teheran, is a puppeteer, director and actress. She became part of the ensemble in 2018 for "Who awoke the Wind".

Mamadoo Mehrnejad

born in 1986 in Teheran, is an actor, musician and author of radioplays. His first production with the HELIOS Theater was "Between the Chairs".