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europefiction - an international youth art project!

Five theatres for young audiences from the Ruhr Area have connected with five partner theatres from Hungary, France, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands. Young people from 16 to 23 years of age come together in the europefiction groups in their resepective cities, experiment with different theatre approaches and art forms. The main question is: "What kind of world do you want to live in? And what are you willing to do for it?" The europefiction groups from the bilateral partner theatres exchange about a common topic and develop theatre performances in a dialogue. They develop visions, stand in for solidarity and strive to question existing models and to view democracy and social justice as something that is yet to be achieved.

HELIOS Theater works together with Kolibri Theatre from Budapst. The Hungarian young people are students of Ágnes Nemes Nagy School, a high school for performing arts. Theatre and dance are on the daily schedule. In 2019, the two europefiction groups dealt with and exchanged about the topic "solidarity" and created a performance together.

This year, the Hamm and Budapest groups work on the topic "SHARING". What can people share with each other? And how? For the Easter holidays, a live meeting in Hungary was planned to meet in person, exchange and rehearse together. On the europefiction summer camp in Dortmund, all the 10 europefiction groups would have come together for theatre performances and workshops in August 2020. These two encounters had to be cancelled for this year due to the Corona crisis. But they could be postponed to 2021. The europefiction groups of Hamm and Budapest met anyway - online! Scroll down to find more information about the project of our common online rehearsals.

More information can be found on the project website of the europefiction:

International Exchange in the Times of Corona

Since March 16, the theatres in North-Rhine Westfalia are closed to slow down the spread of COVID-19. Performances and also the rehearsals of the youth theatre groups cannot take place in person. But the process is going on: The europefiction group Hamm meets online at their weekly rehearsal time.

And even the exchange with their partner group from Budapest took place this way in April!


The two groups met online on four intensive rehearsal days. They exchanged about the current situation, developed scenes that they performed live in the chat and created video material about their life in lockdown. In the videos, they document their isolation, but also they and find creative, funny and surprising ways to SHARE - experiences, moments, time, things... How can six bodies become one? How do you share a day when everybody is home alone? How can friends support each other? And how do you celebrate a party nowadays?

Some of the results can be watched here:


Attila Eck, who is leading the europefiction group of Budapest together with Eszter Gyevi Bíró. has written an interesting article about europefiction, its meaning to him and the students, and the keeping in touch with the group from Hamm despite Corona. It is written in english language and can be found here:

International Theatre Camp in My Living Room - or what it means to make theatre during the period of quarantine

The europefiction group of HELIOS Theater is working on with the video material. The young people create a framework and characters, and will go on experimenting with the possibilities of video. On June 19th, they will digitally publish their work as a film presentation. More information can be found here, on Instagram and facebook soon.

Shared Distance

A video performance by the europefiction group of HELIOS Theater Hamm in cooperation with the europeficiton group of Kolibri Theatre Budapest.


We are in the year 2050, nope 2024, well no 3849… or in a total different one?
During a video call which connects time and space, a group of people from different possible future worlds finds an inconspicuous box. They open it, full of curiosity. With a big bang and at great speed, a time capsule unfolds. It contains moments of the lock down months of the Corona year 2020.

In a mix of fiction and documentation, the young people of the europefiction groups Hamm and Budapest show how to be together, share feelings and things despite the distance. In digital rehearsals, the young people artistically implemented their thoughts, ideas and visions of the current situation as an online performance film.

The film will be presented at the HELIOS Theater on June 19th at 7 p.m. To lower the risk of infection for everyone, only a limited number of spectators are allowed. Participation is only possible with advance notice in the theatre office, by email to post [at]

On June 20, 2020 at 8 p.m. CEST, the film celebrates its online premiere. There will be a live chat with the performers during the film. Afterwards the europefiction group Hamm invites you to an online audience discussion via Zoom. The link will be published here as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

Performance: Adrienn Kern, Ali Demir, Andrew Jona Vetter, Annika Böbel, Balázs Szolnoki, Beatrix Bagossy, Burakhan Bilmis, Csepke Vörös, Ernest Bangó, Fatma Ferik, Gerrit Lankers, Isabel Busch, Izabella Nagy, Joanna Pokropski, Julia Michalski, Karina Russa, Kata Duma, Laura Sommer, Lena Dörmann, Lenke Szalma, Levent Kitay, Luca Girkens, Luca Kecskeméti, Luca Kuklik, Matthis Gutsche, Maya Gawel, Milea Kerkhoff, Nina Bürger, Raul Ionescu, Seany Sciviero, Thomas Sterthoff, Vanda Oláh, Xhulia Caushaj

Group direction: Nina Weber, Eszter Gyevi-Bíró, Attila Eck, Anna-Sophia Zimniak

Video Editing: Nina Weber
Subtitles: Annika Böbel, Milea Kerkhoff

is a cooperation of:

Junges Schauspielhaus Bochum & Theater Rotterdam, KJT Dortmund & La Transplanisphère Paris, Consol Theater Gelsenkirchen & Jeugdtheater Larf Gent, HELIOS Theater Hamm & Kolibri Theatre Budapest, theaterkohlenpott Herne & La Baracca - Teatro Testoni Ragazzi Bologna.

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