art creates future

An International Youth Art Project

europefiction is a connection of 10 children- and youth theatres from 6 european countries.

The 16 to 23 year old attendees are asking themselves questions that encourage to think along. Questions like: In what society do we want to live in? What am I willing to contribute to it? They realize: Wow, the world is moving fastly. So different, crazy, complicated and exciting, abstract, everything happens, everything can be. To an action follows a reaction? Or the other way around? Somehow, everything is in between. In what world do we want to live in? We together are dreaming of a new world. Where that leads…all fantasy.

There will be a premiere in June 2024 at the HELIOS Theater in Hamm, and furthermore all the plays created as part of europefiction will be shown at the summer camp in Herne.

is a cooperation of:

Junges Schauspielhaus Bochum, Theater Rotterdam, KJT Dortmund, La Transplanisphère Paris, Consol Theater Gelsenkirchen, AGORA Theater St. Vith, HELIOS Theater Hamm, Kolibri Theatre Budapest, theaterkohlenpott Herne, ExQuorum Evora.

More information can be found on the project website