Früh Stück

A theatre piece about sound
for everybody 3 +


What do we hear when we listen? What does the space around us sound like? And when does music begin? Two performers explore the sound of things, of bodies, of others and of themselves. A rhythm evolves, a melody, a song, an auditory landscape emerges in our ears and in front of our eyes. An invitation to "breakfast" - not only for the ears…

Premiere: Sunday, 12th September 2021, 4:00 pm


Production: Michael Lurse, Minju Kim
Performance: Minju Kim, Michael Lurse
Scenography: Michael Lurse and Team
Tech: Malte Kochanek
Music: Jan Leschinski, Michael Lurse, Minju Kim

Minju Kim

born in Korea, is a performer, actress and theater maker. She studied acting at Dongguk University in Korea and physical theater at Folkwang University. Engagements have taken her to Schauspiel Essen, Consol Theater in Gelsenkirchen, Armada Theater and HELIOS Theater, among others. She is inspired by the possibilities of expression that lie in people's bodies. Früh Stück is her first work with HELIOS Theater.

Michael Lurse

is a freelance performer, writer, director and stage designer in theatre for children, young people and adults. He is the co-founder and artistic director of HELIOS Theater. The center of his artistic interest is the work with materials and objects. Since 2002 he is active in the international exchange about theater for children, as artistic director of the international theater festival hellwach and in European networking projects such as mapping.

Supported by

A production in collaboration with Mapping. A Map on the aesthetics of performing arts for early years. A Larger scale cooperation project 2018-2022 supported by the European Union (Creative Europe, Sub-programme Culture).