Theatre for the Very Young

In 2005, the first production of HELIOS Theater for the very young premiered: "Earth, Stick and Stone". Before and after, HELIOS Theater was intensively dealing with questions around the theatre for the youngest audiences, children from 2 years up. It organized international festivals and symposia with a focus on the theatre for the very young. Since 2006, it has been partner in national and European research and exchange projects like the "small size" projects and "Theatre from the Beginning". In 2018, a new project has started: "MAPPING".

From 2014 on, Barbara K├Âlling was regularly invited to hold mentoring projects for young theatre makers in India and South Africa, focussing on the theatre for the youngest audiences.

On these pages, you find material and information about the theatre for early years and the projects HELIOS Theater is or was a part of.