International Workshops

Mentoring projects in South Africa and India

Through the international interest in productions like "WOODBEAT" and "H2O", the curiosity about HELIOS Theater's artistic approach has grown continously. Director Barbara Kölling, who developed the "material theatre" approach together with Michael Lurse, started mentoring young artists in the creation of theatre for the very young, starting from a material, in 2015

In India and South Africa, commited theatre makers have organized several workshop programmes:

Magnet Theatre from Cape Town Kapstadt has installed theatre for (very young) children in its artistic theatre training programme in 2015 and has created a platform for the international exchange between artists from different African countries. In August 2018, Barbara Kölling mentored artists from five African countries in the production of performances for the very young in Capte Town, already for the 3rd time.

After the big success of a master class in Delhi in 2015, which was organized by UNIMA India, the puppet theatre Katkatha has invited theatre makers from different fields to an intensive, 7 week long mentoring programme in 2017/18.

From these programmes, about 20 theatre productions for the very young have evolved - with a wide variety of materials like paper, clay, wool, stones, wood and plastic. They are played in kindergartens, are invited to festivals and tour internationally. Additionally, some former participants have founded their own theatre festivals which focus on productions for early years.

For HELIOS Theater, these workshops mean an intensive and fruitful exchange with the artistic approaches and perspectives of contemporary theatre makers in South Africa and India.