for children aged 2 years+

Water - we seem to know everything about this element. But when we take a closer look at it, it’s full of surprises and it’s still a mystery to scientists up to the present day.
Water is enormous power, sputtering life and sparkling joy.
May it be as a melting ice–block, a shimmering fountain or as ascending damp, as a refreshing drink or a sweeping wave, as an element of sound or reflector of light, in this performance it always takes on new forms. It inspires performers and audience alike and generates a poetry that gives us an idea of the Wonder of Life.
It starts with one single drop…

Premiere: 25th September 2010, HELIOS Theater


Production: Barbara Kölling and Team
Performance: Minju Kim, Michael Lurse, Anna-Sophia Zimniak
Music: Roman D. Metzner, Barbara Kölling and Team
Scenography: Michael Lurse, Barbara Kölling and Team
Photos: Walter G. Breuer


Press Comments

”What a wonderful sound when water and glass sing together…
Hanging from the ceiling ice blocks melt and drop in a funny way…
On the stove water is boiling in a pot, hissing…
A dripping world of sound.”
Westfälischer Anzeiger, 27.9.2010

„Splish, splash - three actors explore the element water… a marvellous expedition.”
Stadtanzeiger, 26.9.2010

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