A big international research project

"MAPPING" is a big international research project about the theatre for early years. It aims at the investigation of artistic means in the theatre for the little ones, accompanied by scientistic research.

From 2018 to 2023, 19 theatres and festivals from 17 countries work together with researchers from the worldwide network ITYARN. They develop theatre productions and organize festivals especially for very young children. Over the four years, they will investigate artistic means with regard to the different modes of sensory reception: sound/music, image/stage, text/story and movement/dance.

HELIOS Theater will work on sound, music and listening together with Kolibri Theatre from Budapest/Hungary, Toihaus Theater from Salzburg/Austria and Teater Tre from Stockholm/Sweden. Barbara Kölling has the artistic direction and develops the concept for this research group. A theatre researcher accompanies the group with scientific questions.


The project is funded by