The Monster of Teelapur

Teelapur Ka Rakshasha


a fairytale for children

by Katkatha Puppet Arts Trust from Delhi (India)


Teelapur is a town on a hill. A perfectly ordinary town, ruled over by an extremely popular King. A town which people leave in droves in fear of a monster that terrifies it. A town at war, where people are banned from reading books of their choice.

In this town lives Guddu, separated from his family after the monster's attack. In this town lives Chhotu, who reads books in secret, and asks dangerous questions. When Teelapur's warriors return from a war they no longer understand, they join hands with Chhotu and Guddu to take on the monster.

The play with puppets and detailed settings made of paper and live cameras is a co-production with HELIOS Theater: in exchange with one another, the two ensembles create two plays for children - "The Monster of Teelapur" and "Curtain up!". Originally, they had planned a common stage production which could not take place due to Corona.

The premiere took place online on 5th September. The English version can be watched on youtube (see link below). The theatre makers will also develop a stage version of the play.

Funded by

realised with means of the Theatre Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2019.