International Exchange in the Times of Corona

From March 16 on, the theatres in North-Rhine Westfalia were closed to slow down the spread of COVID-19. Performances and also the rehearsals of the youth theatre groups couldn't take place in person. But the process went on: The europefiction group Hamm met online at their weekly rehearsal time.

And even the exchange with their partner group from Budapest took place this way in April!


The two groups met online on four intensive rehearsal days. They exchanged about the current situation, developed scenes that they performed live in the chat and created video material about their life in lockdown. In the videos, they document their isolation, but also they and find creative, funny and surprising ways to SHARE - experiences, moments, time, things... How can six bodies become one? How do you share a day when everybody is home alone? How can friends support each other? And how do you celebrate a party nowadays?

Some of the results can be watched here:


Attila Eck, who is leading the europefiction group of Budapest together with Eszter Gyevi Bíró, has written an interesting article about europefiction, its meaning to him and the students, and keeping in touch with the group from Hamm despite Corona. It is written in english language and can be found here:

International Theatre Camp in My Living Room - or what it means to make theatre during the period of quarantine

From the video material gathered in the exchange, the europefiction group of HELIOS Theater went on working and created the film "Shared Distance". The film can still be watched on youtube.