hellwach 2014


Materialtheater (Germany)
"Three monkeys"
for adults

Teatr Atofri (Poland)
for everyone aged 2 years +

HELIOS Theater (Germany)
for everyone aged 2 years +

Compagnie Jardins Insolites (France)
"Ki Di Gri"
for everyone aged 1 year +

Kolibri Theater (Hungary)
"Dot, dot, comma"
for everyone aged 2 years +

Teatrodistinto (Italy)
"The wolf game"
for everyone 4 years +

Compagnie ACTA (France)
"En Corps (É)crits"
for everyone aged 11 years +

Compagnie Gare Centrale (Belgium)
for everyone aged 13 years +

Tram Theatre (India)
"Bird's eye view"
for everyone aged 5 years +

Ishyo Arts Centre (Rwanda)
"My little Hill"
for everyone aged 4 years +

Framework Programme

A City of Day-Dreamers
"Where does „private“ end and „public“ start?"
Direction: Krista Burger

"Concerts for the smalltest"
Presentation: Stephanie Riemenschneider

"Theatre for the smallest"
by Erpho Bell, Gabi dan Droste, Andreas Steudtner
Presentation: Barbara Kölling

"Theatre in India"
Presentation: Thomas Lang

"Theatre in Africa"
Presentation: Thomas Lang

Theater Passt"Malzeit - a dinner for the eyes"Idea, Direction: Gert Engel Design: Silke Kruse'Sat., 14th June in Hamm Sun., 15th June in Hamm Mon., 16th June in Hamm Tue., 17.th June in Hamm

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