Festivals for young audience


Thursday 25th May, 12:30 am-2:30 pm + 3:30 pm-5:30 pm

In recent years, a number of international festivals have emerged in the German-speaking countries that are explicitly aimed at a young audience. Some festivals have established a distinctive artistic focus, others try to provide an experience of the current situation of artistic work or of the current discourse.

All festivals thrive on the outstanding commitment of their creators to a qualitative, constantly reflecting and renewing medium and are therefore an essential venue for all those who are passionate about the genre.

For the first time at “hellwach”, the artistic directors of more than 10 festivals will come together for an exchange. They bring with them a unique overview of the situation of theatre for young audiences all over the world. On this day, they will discuss their programming strategies, new concepts, sustainability issues and potential collaborations between the festivals in the future.

in German, with the option of English translation and of joining in via ZOOM – to do so, please request the link.