Let's do something together:

Co-working with ukrainian artists


Moderation: Daria Ivanova, Dramaturg at Kyiv Academic Puppet Theatre (Ukraine) und  Barbara Kölling, artistic direction HELIOS Theater

Friday 26th May, 2-5 pm

HELIOS Theatre

in English, German and Ukrain


Some claim that theatre is impossible without an audience. Some claim that puppet theatre is impossible without puppets. And what about artists who, due to the collision of modern European history, were left without an audience, without puppets, without stage props and without a normal life at all?

We’d like to share with you the experiences of Ukrainian theatre makers who, due to the war in Ukraine, found themselves abroad in Germany, surrounded by friendly people, colleagues, artists and researchers.

We’ll be sharing our experiences gathered in practical projects of Ukrainian and German artists in 2022/23. And we’ll be discussing both small and large artistic initiatives that inspire Ukrainian theatre makers and keep them going.