Teatro Al Vacío

for everybody 3+

Two strangers meet, by chance, at the same time in the same place. They are very different - but they have one or two things in common. One - and the other. The other is always a possibility: he could be an enemy. Or a friend with whom the one can share something...

In a large empty space, dance, play, interplay and a complex, emotional relationship between the two characters emerge.

Duration: ca. 50 minutes  /  no spoken language

Teatro Al Vacío

Founded in 2007 by dancers José Agüero and Adrián Hernández in Mexico, with a focus on theatre work for children. Dialogue with the audience and the shared artistic experience are at the forefront of their interest. In Latin America, they are important pioneers in theatre for the youngest audiences.


Creation and Perfomance: José Agüero und Adrián Hernández
Costume & Light Design: Mauricio Ascenico
Music: Mateo Balasso