Sand Pit


Ljubljana Puppet Theatre
Ljubljana (Slovenia)

for everybody 5+

Germany premiere

Four people meet in a pit full of sand. The possibilities here are endless! Together, they begin to build a fragile and ephemeral world. The tiny grains of sand tell of space and time, of architecture and natural phenomena, of landscapes and the universe... The sandbox is a place of creation and construction and also of encounters and negotiation. By playing together, the four illustrate how buildings and entire societies are created and find their balance.

Duration: ca. 40 minutes  /  no spoken language

Ljubljana Puppet Theatre

The Ljubljana Puppet Theatre (LPT) was established as a municipal theatre in 1948. It produces and performs mainly for children and young people. In doing so, the LPT continues the long Slovenian tradition of puppetry. It is involved in national and international networks and is committed to promoting young artists.


Script and Direction: Miha Golob 
Scenography: Polona Černe  
Perfomance: Miha Arh, Gašper Malnar, Filip Šebšajević, Barbara Kanc
Music: Miha Arh
Dramaturgy: Mojca Redjko

"Sandpit" was created in the EU-Project "Mapping. A Map on the aesthetics of performing arts for early years"