TJP – Centre Dramatique National Strasbourg – Grand Est
Strasbourg (France)

for everybody 3+

Wax is a material that can be transformed: When cold, it is strong, but when hot, it is perfectly malleable. And it can easily be poured into a mould. We meet a dancer who invites us into her wax workshop. She creates different random forms – and figures all of which look alike. She invites us to experience the material wax and to question the way convention is manufactured.

Duration: ca. 30 minutes  /  little spoken language

TJP – Centre Dramatique National Strasbourg – Grand Est

The TJP is dedicated to the diversity of contemporary theatre for young audiences. The focus is on contemporary puppet theatre and its interfaces with the visual arts, the object and the body, movement and dance.


Creation and Direction: Renaud Herbin
Collaboration with: Anne Ayçoberry
Perfomance: Justine Macadoux / Stéphanie Félix
Stage design: Mathias Baudry
Sound: Morgan Daguenet
Lighting: Fanny Bruschi
Technique: Thomas Fehr and Christian Rachner
Technician: Silvio Martini