pottfiction – the Ruhr’s youth art project goes international

Presenter: Meike Fechner

Change the world! With art! This is the goal of the Ruhr’s youth art project pottfiction which was launched by five theatres for young audiences in 2009. The participating young theatre enthusiasts aged between 16 and 23 are tackling this challenge with joint forces. Collaborating in groups in their respective towns, they will be preparing performances inspired by the theme of “Utopia – Dystopia”, to be presented and discussed at the large summer camp in 2018.

pottfiction has been evolving since 2009: initially as a one-time event under the umbrella of the European City of Culture, and later, starting in 2013, as a continuously expanding network of theatres and young people associated therewith.

In 2018, pottfiction goes international!
A huge step.
What is the plan?
What are the expectations?

Young people and theatre educators involved in the project are interviewed by Meike Fechner.

Meike Fechner is the manager of ASSITEJ Deutschland. She has an excellent grasp of the current trends in children’s and youth theatre and is deeply invested in international contacts.

Monday, June 4
6:00 pm
at HELIOS Theater