Appel d'air

Vélo Théâtre
Apt (France)

for everybody 10+


An extreme situation, between heaven and earth, between life and death, one is lost for a night in the madness of solitude.

Suddenly the room becomes the cabin of a boat, the bed an ice field filled with penguins. The lost man makes his miniature cinema where objects come to life. He dominates, manipulates them like a mad king full of his power which he knows is artificial. But in this confined space, in the form of a childish game, the man will make a real decision – he will give himself up to the void. Whether he falls or flies, the call of the air and of the sea have made him free.

Duration: ca. 60 minutes/few french language


Plays at:

Thursday,     25th May 11 am in Lünen Heinz-Hilpert-Theater

Friday,         26th May 11 am in Lünen Heinz-Hilpert-Theater

Vélo Théâtre 

In 1981, Charlot Lemoine and Tania Castaing founded the Vélo Théâtre. Since then, they have been creating theatre productions that take visual approaches and objects as their starting point object theatre. With great attention to the small and inconspicuous, they invite the audience to take on new, unknown perspectives in the world.


Regie:Charlot Lemoine & Tania Castaing
with José Lopez, Charlot Lemoine & Fabien Cartalade