The Rematch

La Rivincita

Teatro Distinto
Alessandria (Italy)

for everybody 5+

Germany premiere

A football pitch. Two men, polite, correct, experienced and ready to win. But only one can win... Both of them train hard. At kick-off, each still feels that the future is in his hands. But effort and satisfaction, success and disappointment alternate – each has strengths and weaknesses... “The Rematch” is about sporting competitions and interpersonal relationships, their rules and surprises.

Duration: ca. 40 minutes/with a little Italian and French language


Plays at:

Tuesday,     23th May 9:30 am + 11:15 am in Bergkamen studiotheater

Thursday,    25th May 10 am    + 4 pm        in Lippstadt Stadttheater

Teatro Distinto

Teatro Distinto was founded in 2003 by Daniel Gol and Laura Marchegiani. The ensemble primarily explores interpersonal interaction and communication, which are taken to extremes in metaphorical play situations, often with puppets and objects. In addition, Teatro Distinto gives artistic workshops for adults, children and teenagers in schools, theatre academies, companies and prisons.


Perfomance: Patrice Bussy, David Meden
Concept and Direction: Daniel Gol