Friedl Dicker


HELIOS Theater

for everybody 14+


Friedl Dicker was an artist: painter, graphic artist, stage designer, interior designer. She built sculptures out of metal, puppets out of wood, wove carpets and murals out of wool, painted pictures, designed and arranged rooms... She is considered one of the most talented and versatile students of the Bauhaus in Weimar and a pioneer of today's art therapy. As a Jew and communist resistance fighter, she was persecuted by the Nazis. Three players immerse themselves in the time of the Weimar Republic, the "golden twenties", the Nazi era - and in the story of Friedl Dicker. Directed by Barbara Kölling, they explore questions about Friedl's life and the times. 

Duration: ca. 60 minutes  /  german language


Plays at:

Thursday, 25th May 7 pm in Hamm HELIOS Theater

HELIOS Theatre

The HELIOS Theatre is an independent theatre for young audiences with its own venue in Hamm. It was founded by artists in Cologne in 1989 and followed the offer of the city of Hamm to move to Westphalia in 1997. Every two years, the HELIOS Theatre organises "hellwach", the international theatre festival for young audiences, together with cities in the Hellweg region.


Play: Minju Kim, Josephine Raschke, Bahar Sadafi
Text & production: Barbara Kölling
Stage: Krista Burger
Light & Technique: Jan Leschinski