The Sixth Sense


Karpenko-Kary University

Kiew (Ukraine)

for everybody 12+

Germany premiere

A theatre performance by the young director Kateryna Lykianenko with students from the Kiev Theatre University. These performances are designed and staged for visually impaired audiences. Everything is based on sensation, touch, smell, sensory emotions and feelings.

Only natural materials (leaves, branches, stones, water) are used for the performance. It is performed in the middle of the audience, in the middle of the audience of people with and without visual impairments. The age of the audience is also mixed, consisting of children and adults.

Duration: ca. 60 minutes/without language

 Plays at:

Friday, 26th May 11 am + 7 pm in Hamm HELIOS Theater

Saturday, 27th May 4 pm              in Hamm HELIOS Theater